ΔDELTA 8 Organic Flower Nugs – HINDU KUSH Hybrid – 1 Pound (16oz)


* NEW * Giraffe NUGS! ΔDELTA 8 Flower – HINDU KUSH Sativa/Indica Hybrid Strain – 1 Pound (16oz) Mega Pouch

Giraffe Nuts has partnered with a local organic farm in Virginia USA to product the highest quality smokable Delta 8 / CBD hemp flower. Our flower is sun-grown outdoors, utilizes zero pesticides and we add no hormones or growth enhancers to the developing hemp plant.

This particular strain is called Hindu Kush and is naturally Sativa/Indica Hybrid. It has very high CBD concentration in addition to the added delta 8. It has relaxing effects but no couch lock. It helps with sleep, but you can maintain focus on your tasks at hand.


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