50mg CBD JUMBO Caramels – Black Lava Sea Salt – 100 Piece MEGA Pouch


The most delicious artisanal CBD caramels on the planet have just gotten even better…And BIGGER! Giraffe Nuts CBD hand-crafted caramels are now twice the size as before and even MORE tasty! Infused and homogenized with Full Spectrum CBD, these caramels provide a powerful single dose of 50mg CBD or they can be cut for 2 doses of 25mg CBD. The medicinal and anti-inflammatory effects of Giraffe Nuts CBD caramels can be felt soon after consuming, and the outstanding flavor will leave you coming back for more. And now using all organic ingredients!

Black Lava Sea Salt Giraffe Nuts are the creamy delectable caramel morsels speckled with little salty bursts of goodness. Using Hawaiian black lava sea salt in the caramel batch, these deliciously sweet caramels will surprise you will miniature fireworks of saltiness with each chew.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Butter, Organic Heavy Cream (Milk), Organic Corn Syrup, Hemp CBD Extract, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Vanilla, Cream of Tartar, Organic Black Lava Salt

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