Giraffe Nuts products are actually double-tested. Our raw Hemp CBD Extract is run through an extensive battery of testing to ensure that the Hemp CBD Extract product that is consumed is the safest possible. Those test are:

  • Cannabinoid & Terpenoid Profiling

  • Microbiological Screening

  • Quantified Pesticide Testing

  • Residual Solvent Analysis




– Atlantic Sea Salt Caramels 15mg VIEW COA
– Atlantic Sea Salt Caramels 30mg VIEW COA
– Creamy Vanilla Caramels 15mgVIEW COA
– Creamy Vanilla Caramels 30mgVIEW COA
– Smooth Chocolate Caramels 15mgVIEW COA
– Smooth Chocolate Caramels 30mgVIEW COA
– Golden Maple Caramels 15mgVIEW COA
– Golden Maple Caramels 30mg VIEW COA
– Top Shelf Scotch Caramels 15mg VIEW COA
– Mint Chocolate Caramels 30mgVIEW COA
– Cocoa Espresso Caramels 15mgVIEW COA
– Himalayan Pink Salt 15mgVIEW COA
– Himalayan Pink Salt 30mgVIEW COA
– Sea Salt + Melatonin Caramels 15mg VIEW COA
– Sea Salt + Caffeine Caramels 15mgVIEW COA

Our CBD Isolate – VIEW COA
Giraffe Nuts Vegan Gummies – VIEW COA
Full Spectrum Heighten Intimate Oil – VIEW COA


DELTA Δ9 Product COA’s
Δ9 Milk Chocolate Squares – COA
Δ9 Dark Chocolate Squares – COA
Δ9 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Nuggets – COA

DELTA Δ8 Product COA’s
Δ8 Milk Chocolate Squares – COA
Δ8 Dark Chocolate Squares – COA
Δ8 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Nuggets – COA
Δ8 Chocolate English Toffees – COA

Full Spectrum CBD Product COA’s

Milk Chocolate CBD Squares – VIEW COA
Dark Chocolate CBD Squares – VIEW COA
English Toffee Squares – VIEW COA
Peanut Butter CBD Truffles – VIEW COA
Raspberry Creme CBD Chocolate – View COA
Coconut Creme CBD Chocolate – View COA

DELTA Δ8 Caramels COA’s

 Δ8 Caramels – Sea Salt – VIEW COA
Δ8 Caramels – Vanilla – VIEW COA
Δ8 Caramels – Maple – VIEW COA

Then once the final products are made, we send that out to an additional laboratory for another cannabinoid potency testing to ensure that the amount of Hemp Extract we claim is in each product is indeed that exact amount.  The quality, effectiveness and safety of our products are of utmost importance, and we spare no expense to make sure that Giraffe Nuts are not only the best tasting Hemp infused product you can eat, but the safest and most effective.

And of course, in full transparency, we publish the results for all of our analytics testing and list them above. If you have any questions about our testing processes or the results that you see, contact us any time at:

Precision Dosing. NO THC. NO CHEMICALS. NO PESTICIDES. Pure CO2 Extraction process for total consumption safety and premium quality.

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