Mighty Mini THC Dark Chocolate – 60mg THC – 50 Count Jar


60mg THC per Mini !

With 40mg Delta 8 THC + 20mg Delta 9 THC per Mighty Mini, These Giraffe Nuts Mighty Mini chocolates are our most powerful product to date! 60mg packs a real punch, but they are scored to be broken into 4 pieces for a gradual dosage increases if you want. True to getting high as Giraffe Nuts, these Mighty Minis won’t disappoint. Using pure Delta 8 and Delta 9 distillate you can be confident that you are consuming only the highest quality products using the highest quality manufacturing processes for maximum effect. And with our state of the art homogenization process, you can be sure each square has precise dosage even when broken apart.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, milk, soy lecithin, vanillin, hemp derived delta 8 THC, hemp derived delta 9 THC
Contains: MILK